Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition of a Business

The acquisition of a business or product line can be an effective strategy for the growth of a company. We have extensive experience with acquisitions for growth and will guide your company through a successful transaction. From establishing a well-defined acquisition strategy, to identifying strategic targets, arranging financing and negotiating and closing a transaction, we will drive this process to a successful completion.

Sale of Your Business

Selling your business can be one of the most important milestone of your life. We have many clients who have spent their lives building their businesses — often assisted with capitalization and acquisitions by Warson Capital Partners — who then turned to us when it was time for an exit. We will guide you and your management team through the entire process, beginning with a full assessment and valuation of your company to establish transaction expectations.

Like capital sourcing, an effective sale process requires a compelling presentation of the company’s business and prospects through a corporate profile for delivery to prospective purchasers. We will work closely with the management team to develop and prepare your company’s comprehensive profile, including historical performance, accomplishments, market opportunities, differentiators, strategies for growth, management team, capitalization, and resulting detailed financial projections.

Our team has extensive experience in identifying both financial and strategic purchasers that should have a keen interest in your company. We will qualify those prospective purchasers, and lead the process through negotiations, due diligence, documentation and closing, all to assure a successful outcome that meets your goals and expectations.

Management Buyouts

Quite often the most capable and appropriate purchaser for your business is the own management team. We will work with you and your team to determine the feasibility of this approach and assist in the development of the most appropriate business and financial strategy to achieve your objectives.

Recapitalization and Cash Out

Restructuring a company’s capital stack is often a sound means to accomplishing the objectives of business owners. Those objectives can include more efficient use of cash flow from the business, adjustment of debt service requirements, access to growth capital, and/or shareholder liquidity. Our process for this purpose is much like the process for private capital sourcing described above, tailored to your specific business objectives.